Hi, I’m Graham and I’m a Tarot Card Reader


A teacher, a seeker, a no-nonsense tarot card reader; an expat Brit, a stay-at-home Dad. I first learned to read tarot in the early 1980s, but I developed my no-nonsense approach in 2007 after being mentored by famed tarologist Enrique Enriquez.

I offer upbeat, no-nonsense, EMPOWERING tarot card readings in-person and online. I appear in several venues in the Central NJ area in the US, giving public tarot reading sessions. I’m also available for private one-on-one appointments, and public or private parties and events.

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I have an email based mailing list where I post updates on my services, interesting articles and musings on tarot and the occasional exclusive offer. I promise to keep it short and sweet (no-nonsense!), and not bug you more than once or twice a month, unless it’s urgent: