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A teacher, a seeker, a no-nonsense tarot card reader; an expat Brit, a stay-at-home Dad. I first learned to read tarot in the early 1980s, but I developed my no-nonsense approach in 2007 after being mentored by famed tarologist Enrique Enriquez.

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About My Readings

The premise is simple. You ask me a question, and I’ll use my tarot cards to give you a no-nonsense answer that will empower you. I don’t believe in fate; at least not in a set-in-stone fate that you can never change. What would be the point in finding out what was going to happen if you couldn’t do something about it should you not like the outcome?

What I do is point out the best path for you to take to achieve your goal.

I am a follower of what is known as the Marseille tradition of tarot. My favorite tarot cards are the Tarot de Marseille created by Jean Noblet of Paris, France, in about 1650 and recently restored in France by the late Jean-Claude Flornoy.

I shuffle the cards while considering your question, then start out by dealing out three cards in a row. I may then add further cards to the left or right of the original three cards, depending on the images I see in the cards. In the PDF file I send back to you with your reading, I’ll show you what cards I drew for you, describe what I see in the cards, and then how I interpret them. I strive to do this in a way that you can understand; my aim is for you to see what I see in the cards.

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