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Ordering your reading from me couldn’t be easier! Simply click on one of the “Buy Now” links below. Payment processing is by PayPal, so international orders can be placed in local currency. You do not have to have a PayPal account to be able to pay via credit or debit card; if you don’t have and don’t want a PayPal account, choose the “Pay with a debit or credit card, Or PayPal Credit” option (see here for a screenshot).

Select a “Buy Now” link below – you’ll be taken to the Paypal site, but will return to this site after your purchase so you can enter more details.

I’ve put together some advice on how to word a question for a tarot reading here: How to Ask Your Question

I also have a payment account on Google Wallet, so if you’d rather pay using that (or you have another payment method you’d like to discuss), then drop me a note at tarotbygraham@gmail.com

If you have any problems, concerns, or questions, just drop me an email: tarotbygraham@gmail.com

Options Available

I have two main categories of readings available, Written Readings and Live Video Readings:

Written Readings

1-Card Mini-Reading: $10.00 Buy Now

EXPRESS 1-Card Mini-Reading (Delivery within 24 hours): $15.00 Buy Now

This is a little different from my other offerings here. No specific question is asked. I simply ask the cards what it is that you need to know right now, and after shuffling, I deal a card and interpret it for you. It’s good for a little bit of quick general guidance. The deck I use for this is generally an oracle deck, which is a little different from a tarot deck. It’s helpful to have a recent photograph of the person I’m reading for focus purposes, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

1-Question Written Reading: $25.00 Buy Now

EXPRESS 1-Question Written Tarot Reading (Delivery within 24 hours): $35.00 Buy Now

If you were not automatically directed to the form in which to enter your question, you can find it here.

Your reading will normally be completed within three days of placing your order (except EXPRESS readings, which will be completed within 24 hours). It will be delivered to your e-mail address in PDF format and will include your question, a photo of the cards I drew, a description of the cards, and my interpretation. If you don’t see it within this time, please check your “Spam” or “Junk Mail” email folder.

Live Video Readings

1-question/subject live video reading: $30.00 Buy Now

EXPRESS 1-question/subject live video reading (Appointment within 24 Hours): $40.00 Buy Now

An approximately 15-30 minute live reading via video chat. At the moment, only video readings via Zoom are offered; more services will be available soon. After you have placed your order, you will be asked your preferred appointment times or time ranges. Confirmation will be sent via email. Once your appointment is confirmed, 24 Hours notice will be required to cancel or reschedule your appointment without forfeiting your payment. For more information, please email me at tarotbygraham@gmail.com

A Note Regarding Tipping

My readings are very competitively priced. That’s deliberate; I want my readings to be available to anybody, regardless of their income level. Therefore, some people like to show their appreciation for a helpful reading by sending me a bit of extra money as a tip. That’s wonderful – since I’m trying to make a living from tarot, I can truly say even a small additional amount is appreciated. Please don’t feel obliged to tip, however. The best way to tip is via PayPal (my PayPal e-mail address is graham.gudgin@gmail.com).

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I also have payment accounts on Google Wallet and Venmo, so if you’d rather tip using one of those (or you have another payment method you’d like to discuss), then drop me a note at tarotbygraham@gmail.com


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