The following comments are all from genuine reviews by my clients:

Thank you for this Graham. This really resonates with me, especially because those cards have been coming up for me in my own readings. I tend to want to rush things but to hear someone tell me I’m doing the right things but need to be patient really helps me feel more calm. I appreciate you so much!

– Hannah

Thank you so much!! This has really helped me confirm things! My life has been going in circles lately and i felt like i needed to break it. Thankyou for confirming this for me!

– Anisa

I’m so blown away with how much your reading resonates with me and how accurate it is! I would have to say this was the most accurate reading I’ve ever received and I will definitely be scheduling another one in the future! I’m still blown away with how much the card and description resonate with me right now, thank you so much!!!!

– Kyla

This resonates greatly! I have so much love and opportunity in my life

It’s always helpful for me when I appreciate what I have. I’m very lucky!

Thanks, Graham!

– Sally

It was a great experience! Graham really took the time to understand my concerns. This was my 2nd reading and I look forward to scheduling the next one. Thanks!

– Kawana Brown-Jacocks

There is an individual who is in and around me who lies and causes trouble….so I will be wary when being around this person. Great read. Thank you.

– Karen

Would I have given things this much thought without Graham’s reading? Probably not. He absolutely opened my eyes to what was happening in my life. Graham nailed it, and I am grateful for the insight. I would recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance.

– Mariann

…the cards showed a potential joining with a partner, well this did turn out with the person I thought of at the time of the reading. It was kinda unexpected actually but a really good fit ❤

– A

Graham is an unforgettably brilliant Tarot reader. His ability to read the cards and dive into the heart of the symbolism and meaning of each card presented is exceptionally helpful. Graham’s readings aren’t loaded with fluff or useless rhetoric, rather, he’s succinct and gets to the point of the matter and gives very precise, practical, and very accurate advice on the situation.  Every reading I’ve had with Graham has helped me immensely and revealed to me influences that I otherwise didn’t realize were there. I would recommend him to anyone who needs practical, applicable, and honest advice.

Words truly cannot express what an absolutely wonderful experience this has been for me!! When I contacted Graham for a video reading, I had hit a point in my career where I just felt lost – I was being pulled in a hundred different directions at once and I was struggling so hard just trying to figure out which path to take. Graham’s reading was such an eye-opener for me, it actually brought me to tears. It helped me to find the confidence I was lacking, helped me to realize an inner-strength that I didn’t know I had, and gave me the courage to move forward! I cannot praise Graham highly enough! He is an amazing person with a wonderful heart and such an incredible gift! Try one of his video readings…. you will be so happy that you did! 🙂

A tarot reading by Graham is a great comfort whether you have an important decision to make or just need a clearer vision of the future. Graham is a true professional who treats each reading with reverence and precision. He has an innate talent for interpreting the cards and communicating their message with clarity and sensitivity. I highly recommend Graham and will continue to rely on his unique gifts in the future.

Awesome, no nonsense reading. Most readings involve so many cards that it’s simply confusing, but by being able to ask one question, there is a lot more clarity that can be given as well as taken and applied. I highly recommend a reading!

I had been perseverating on a particular situation for quite some time, feeling sort of stuck by my uncertainty. Graham’s accurate and direct reading has given me a sense of peace around the situation that I didn’t really have before and an idea of where I might go next.

It is uncanny how the symbolism of the Tarot cards actually ring true. Graham has impressed me with his intent to understand the question and to put forward an understandable response. Great job!

Graham delivers just what he promises – a no-nonsense, empowering, reading. Great experience

It’s been awhile since I had a reading by Graham, but my friends have had them & were bragging how amazing he is. I decided to have another reading. So glad I did. As usual, Graham was amazing. Totally nailed it. Thank you SO much. Graham should be reading for Presidents & Monarchs!

Excellent reading. I love how Graham helps to shape my question to what is most helpful for me. And, the reading has a nice balance of explaining the symbolism of the cards, their placement, and how it might apply to my question.

I was completely shocked by the answer I received to my question. It was so accurate it was almost scary.

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