tarotbygraham.com Domain Name Now Active

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Just a quick bit of housekeeping: You’ll no longer need to type that unwieldy address, “tarotbygraham.wordpress.com” into your browser to get here. I’ve just (about time, I know!) registered tarotbygraham.com as a domain name, and that’s all you’ll need to use to access this website from now on.


A Bit of Decorating, and A Forthcoming Freebie

I wanted to give the site a little personal touch, so, prompted by the WordPress “Zero to Hero” series, I created the header image you’ll see at the top of each page. Simple and straightforward, in keeping with my tarot philosophy, the background is adapted from the pattern on the back of my tarot deck of choice, the Jean Noblet Tarot de Marseille. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Header screenshot

I’m starting to write a little e-book that I’m planning to offer for free in exchange for signing up for my e-mail newsletter. It’s designed to simply show how tarot can be an powerful tool to change your life for the better and to help you get the most out of a tarot reading. In addition to offering it to new subscribers, I will share it with those who are already on the e-mail list, as my way of saying thank you for being my list pioneers.


Making the Connection

Connections - http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonty/4072715092/in/photolist-7cTJiJ-7iufmC-7iBHdj-7myGLY-7n3rc4-7n7jnY-7wDyHT-7wQJHD-7wQKUz-ghxMUw-9zXxgM-8nUJMp-dANTW2-dAUncU-at5vcs-8RhBsT-dAUn4N-7WYeCw-aB5s7V-aB5sCz-afSnsf-aB7CKo-aB4WXv-aB7CsS-aB7DuS-87RRpL-a465GC-bpcrAM-fxtUDt-fxJqqm-8bedS1-8zgsmZ-c2S7wJ-7MzKFE-83wHSp-amNgNf-i5ifd9-bEzx7i-ajLR2U-815rr3-aaZ3U9-8yHq9y-8367Sm-8kAyRc-agGcvE-fHFY5i-aB89BA-aB7D4u-aB7CgU-c2S8ky-aafmEv/I know that in my last post I said that next time, I’d share a little about my tarot background, but it occurred to me that I haven’t really talked about the different ways you can connect with me. There are several right now, and they each have some different content. Fiverr, which I am currently using exclusively for my readings, doesn’t like users communicating outside of their system, because they make their money in the form of a percentage of each transaction, and they worry that people will cut them out of the equation. Personally, I prefer to make the connection outside of Fiverr, then send people into Fiverr to purchase a reading.

Firstly, there is, of course, this website. Make sure you Follow it, so you can be informed of any new content. If you have a WordPress account, you can simply click on the “Follow” button in the WordPress toolbar.

I have an email list that you can sign up for in order to get my newsletter. I’m using that to share a little bit of background and news about my services and some news and stories from the tarot world that I think may be of interest. I’ll also run the occasional special offer or freebie.

I have a Facebook page. I send my “Graham’s Tarot Musings” blog posts there in addition to this site, but it’s a little more interactive, so it should be useful, even if you follow  blog itself.

I’m on Twitter. I don’t have a separate Twitter account yet for my tarot reading services, so expect to get a bit of everything there.

I’m on Google Plus, again with just a personal account, but if you prefer that platform, it’s there if you want it.

Please do feel free to recommend any of these connections to your friends and family.