Zoom Readings Are Live

Here’s the TL; DR version: I’ve officially launched live video readings via Zoom!

Zoom screen

For those who want a little bit of background, here’s the story: I’ve been procrastinating. I should have launched live video readings a long time ago, even before Covid struck. But I didn’t. There was always something preventing me like my Internet service wasn’t good enough, I didn’t have a decent camera, and so on.

Then, when the Coronavirus struck, forcing us all into lockdown, I had to face the reality that I wouldn’t be doing face-to-face readings for a long time. Although I started years ago just doing virtual readings, I’d all but abandoned them when I started doing events, parties, and regular sessions at local venues. So, as soon as we went into lockdown, I should have started video readings then. But I didn’t. 

I wanted to get it right. I did some tests using Zoom (my initial platform of choice, because lots of people have been using it for work or school) with my daughter. I learned its ins and outs. I did some tests with some valued friends. I even did a couple of readings for clients (I told them I had not officially launched the service but would offer it to them as an option). Then I started looking into the possibilities of getting a better webcam, instead of having to use my phone (that debacle is described in my recent blog post). 

No more excuses. Yesterday, I added the code to the Order page here to enable live video readings via Zoom to be selected. I’ll be adding other video chat platforms soon, once I test them out. I’ll be using my laptop’s webcam pointed at me, so you can see me when I talk with you, and my phone will be in a holder, pointing down at the cards on the table, so you can see those too. I’ll also soon be adding some helpful information about using the Zoom application, but for now, the service is up and working. Except for the odd glitch from the software and internet connection, the experience is close to what you would experience from getting a reading from me in person. Give it a try!